Why ParaQuest?

At ParaQuest we hope to be a little different amongst a growing crowd of independent parasite laboratories offering ‘a simple floatation egg count’. For sure that is what we all do but very often there is something missing the added value. It is important to remember that at the heart of our service offering your animals health is paramount and we understand the issues can be complex at times and vary from case to case.


ParaQuest Digital Laboratory

Having studied with notable institutions including Harper Adams University, Reaseheath Collgold_standard_largeege and York University not only is our in-house qualified Animal Medicine Advisor (R-SQP) experienced in animal parasitology but has been awarded Gold Standard SQP, one of an elite group of 28 professionals in the Country ensuring the very best advice for your animals welfare.

We are also one of the few laboratory services licensed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) to prescribe and supply an appropriate medicine should it be required as part of an overall plan to reduce any high worm burden, but hopefully with regular testing and important pasture management regimes, not only should we be able to work together to improve the intestinal health of your animals but you could also be saving a little money in the long-run.

But this is where we start to become different as ParaQuest don’t want to prescribe your animals with chemical wormer’s, no really we don’t, unless there are evident health benefits in doing so initially to help lower any high worm burden but all our advice is test based and we keep careful records with your permission to monitor your animals intestinal health going forward to build a relationship based on trust.

And of course all our advice comes with no obligations, tie-ins or conditions we simply advise and you do what is right for your animals and hopefully that is nothing apart from schedule your next test.

We have invested in the latest digital laboratory equipment to annalise samples and share your results with you in a quick, accurate and timely manner by your preferred method be it telephone or email.

Not only do we care about your animals at ParaQuest we are also mindful of looking after the environment. That is why we keep the use of plastic recyclemailing bags to a minimum and send our testing kits to you in a cardboard box re-usable for the journey back to us. A small additional plastic zip-lock bag is used for you to return your sample back to us to prevent leaks and to meet postal regulations for transporting diagnostic samples.

Our postal test kits offer competitive value for money with discounts for multi-horse owners and large yards. We also support registered equine welfare charities with special rates just get in touch with your requirements or tell all your friends. We also have a quality guarantee for your peace of mind and should any test return unexpected results, a break in pattern or are extremely high then we automatically re-test free of charge to verify the results.

We hope you find the information on our website useful and not confusing but more than anything we are not ‘boffins’ we are friendly, approachable animal lovers so feel free to pick-up the phone and give us a call, drop us an email or connect with us on social media if you are not sure about anything and we will do our best to help our contact details can be found here.