Testing Kit

So why do we have a test kit and what are the issues? Well put simply there is an urgent need to change the behavior of many animal owners who have routinely wormed their animals with what is traditionally referred to as ‘interval dosing’ as although this method was given by drug companies and veterinarians with the best of intentions at the time little was known about the stark rise of worm resistance to the active ingredients in wormer medicines and with no new medicines on the horizon a groundswell of change has to happen before drug resistance parasites are commonplace on established pasture and because of the ‘in one end and out the other’ life-cycle of the parasites the consequences could be unthinkable for horse owners and the wider agricultural sector.

At ParaQuest we believe in making change easy and that way it sticks. Rather than administering a chemical wormer to your animals every 6-8 weeks for ‘peace of mind’ how’s about a new way of thinking. Why would we give any living thing medicine without first knowing more about the problem or even if there is one at all? By testing first, monitoring the outcome and plan an appropriate course of action (if anything at all) we are more informed, less reliant on medicines and take a massive step in the direction in reducing or even eliminating worm resistance to the very medicines developed to keep animals healthy should on occasion they be required.kit2

Our Equine Faecal Egg Count Kit is simply a postage paid collection kit to enable you to send us a small fresh dropping of poo for testing and then the added value kicks in if required. We are on hand to record regular result for you, highlight trends, keep records of any prescriptions and advise on important pasture management regimes and rotation if possible.

Great! All you have to do is buy the kit, send us a sample and we do the rest and together we build a relationship based on trust and one common goal which will always be the best possible animal health advice for the monitoring and control of intestinal parasites.

Remember our moto: TestMonitorPlan simple as one, two three!