About Us

logo_textParaQuest is a value added brand owned by Smiths Health Ltd located in the heart of rural Derbyshire. We have recently extended our established animal health business to included on-site modern up to date laboratory facilities using the latest digital equipment coupled with the knowledge and expertise of our qualified in-house Animal Medicines Advisor (SQP).

It can’t be ignored the amount of media coverage worm resistance as been attracting lately especially in the equestrian world but this is not a new problem, simply historically un-reported, with active ingredients such as Fenbendazole having worm resistance in many parts of the UK for sometime now and further afield in parts of New Zealand the sheep industry has known resistance to not one but three major active ingredients.032

This issue being that drug companies have invested millions of pounds in R&D to develop chemical worming products but in only less than 10 years the worms specifically targeted by these drugs have become resistant predominantly through routine worming (overuse) with little knowledge promoted over the years about the need to test and target worm which we advocate today.

With no new worming drugs currently on the horizon it is imperative we all change our thinking about the overuse of animal medicines and take a targeted approach through testing hence the growth of independent laboratories such as ours to offer national postal worm testing kits to animal owners together with a consultative and non-judgmental follow-up advice service to work with our customers providing a bespoke animal health plan specific to your individual circumstances.

Having studied with notable institutions including Harper Adams University, Reaseheath College and York University not only are our staff experienced in animal parasitology we are one of the few laboratory services licensed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) to prescribe and supply an appropriate active ingredient medicine should it be required as part of an overall plan to reduce any high worm burden, but hopefully with regular testing and important pasture management regimes, not only should we be able to work together to improve the intestinal health of your animals but you could also be saving a little money in the long-run.

vmd_groupOur ParaQuest faecal egg count postal kit for horses is very user-friendly at an affordable price. As you read through all of the information on our website it is easy to become overwhelmed by the issues and it is hard not to listen to hearsay and unqualified advice which can simply add to the confusion. That is why all we ask of our customers is you collect and send us a faecal sample to test and leave the rest to us. There is no obligation to buy products from us (really, we don’t want to sell you medicines!) and the post test advice we give is totally free once you have purchased a test kit from us directly or through our website.

Regular customers enjoy the benefit of our record keeping to keep track of egg count levels and any active ingredients that may have been prescribed. A simple record card is also supplied with kits for customers to record their testing dates and which parasites should be checked at different times of the year.

Our motto: “test, monitor, plan” is a simple 3-step process to the basic treatment regimen suggested by ourselves and more veterinarians in the battle against intestinal parasite resistance.